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You may have visited our website, we have staff working constantly answering calls as well as advanced booking software, Google Ads etc.. Now I ask you would it make sense if we built and maintained it for nothing? Our mission is to get bookings for our therapists and get commission , that is our income. That is why we help you to get the professional Guild International (GTI) certificate to become a therapist. What are you waiting for?

You are self-employed, so you choose the clients you wish to work with, the area and the working hours. When you register with us, you will need to fill a therapist questionnaire about your preferences and we will act accordingly.

Professional therapists can upload their qualifications and in 5 working days our admissions team will either register the therapists or reject them. But beginners can apply and we will provide training and certification before they start. 

We have two departments working together.

1 – Marketing Department. They are responsible for making a professional online profile for you and advertising it, in order to let clients find you and book you.

2 – Training department. They assess you, register you, issue an accredited certificate, advise you about how to insure yourself and start earning as a therapist.

However, no one can guarantee the number of your bookings. It’s like if you say to your boxing coach to guarantee you that you will be a world champion.

For sure it is impossible to look for clients and not find them, and if you have found one, he/she will possibly create 5 others if you are good enough.

No, you can keep all your tips.

Every beginning is difficult, and you are a new therapist on the website. Please be patient in the first few weeks, as the market is huge, there are lots of therapists out there. Also, the clients will consider your skills and the area you are willing to travel. For example: if you are a qualified massage therapist, it might not be enough for everyone. Some clients prefer to book a therapist with different skills like holistic and beauty.

No, we do not discriminate. The clients will book you, and they are free to choose anyone they prefer.

If you were successful on practical assessment day, then you are a qualified therapist and ready to treat your clients. The professional profile is going to be available for the public in 5 working days. It means you will have a dedicated page and a professional booking system through the website. You can also register with other agencies and get the bookings from them as well.

We have several therapists who does in call and outcall treatments. Others might offer only outcall services. It depends on your circumstances or preferences.

It is your choice as you are a self-employed therapist. If the client wants a massage bed and you don’t have one, you can decline the booking then we will send another therapist.

As far as you wish! You determine which area you would like to cover. The bigger the area you cover the bigger chance you have of getting more bookings.

We do not have a joining fee for people who trained with us and also we now offer free admission for professional therapists as well.

As you know this job is considered as a self-employed job so it all depends on you but our hourly rate for 2019-2020 is £47 per hour but this changes every year.

In our terms and conditions, this applies so that therapists are free to work anywhere. But our terms and conditions will only apply to our customers within the company.

When you sign up today, you will also sign up to the prestigious awarding Body of the Holistic & Beauty education, they will issue your certificate and you train on their platform. So there is nothing to worry about, you definitely will be a professional Massage OR BEAUTY therapist.

Gateway International College carries the practical part of your training and your marketing will be WITH ON ONE OF OUR MARKETING PLATFORMS.

We train you to become a therapist and we provide you with a free platform, so you can kick start YOUR business, find your client and refer your client to your online profile.

Today you will sign up for your training, you will register then you can start your training anytime you want.

When you finish your theory, you will book yourself (online) for a one-day practical training at one of our venues, you can book yourself in any of our designated days online.

We will give you all the necessary links in the documents after you’ve signed if you register. Our clients will book you online and we will send you a notification to your mobile with the clients details, time, address, length of the treatment etc… then you will go to the client and treat them, if you have a place of treatment then the client will come to you.

one day theory
one day practical.
There are some courses which have a different qualification which are longer, but it is optional.

You will earn from £40 to £100 per hour.

It varies because you may work for yourself, or pay commission to others, or get 

tips, or work from home with Groupon or US etc…

The best condition is to work with us as a Mobile Therapist and

Your earning depends on many factors such as:

  • your hygiene
  • your likeability
  • your customer services
  • Your equipment and set up(some therapist have a bed, different oils, essences, bluetooth speaker etc..) of course this may make the clients book you again
  • your availability ( if you decline bookings all the time, then you won’t earn much)
  • The area you work(central London is the busiest area) of course you can work anywhere in the world.
  • Be professional and train yourself a lot.
  • Your social skills, if you go to an event and meet up etc.. and pass your business card to everyone, this means that you will have lots of clients.


Remember in the massage business one client may book you forever, so you need 15 regular weekly clients to earn roughly £1000, then you don’t need to look for clients anymore.

If you find a wealthy family, then you may earn more than £1000 per day,which is possible.

Let’s make a simple calculation:

Let’s say, after one month you start your business:

in the worse case, if you have only one skill, you will have roughly 2 bookings per day

That means 14 per week for £48.00 per hour.

its equal to £672 per week

If you have 10 skills you can earn £1500 to £2000 per week.


Your clients can be anyone from someone from our booking page, to your neighbour, or even your friends and family,anyone at any age can book you.

Your clients may also come from many channels from  more than 700 Directories

We post advertisements through all social media

We have many online and offline clients

Also, you can get a lot of Clients via Groupon.

If you accept the customer to your place, we can set up a Groupon page for you.

People can find your profile through Google and other search engines,

You can register yourself on any other website you wish.

Word of mouth is a strong tool, if you are good, your clients will inform others and refer you to their friends,

You can distribute your business card everywhere you go, your family and friends, your social media

And your return customers, the clients who book you regularly.

Of course, we are a training centre for many awarding bodies in the UK, many of our qualifications are internationally recognised.

Not only insurance companies will recognise our certificate but also, they will give you discount.

You will sign up to an awarding body platform at the same time, they will send you your certificate.

We will have an agreement which states what course you got, and we will sign you up to our marketing platform.

Now is that something you like to do?

If yes let’s continue.


No more hard work to reach a weekly target.

No more bullying from your boss.

No more begging for permission to leave.

you will be FREE




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