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Yes, you can. We will take a small portion as commission, as this is where our revenue comes from. It is however, our primary aim to get you booked up with clients. We can help you with the initial steps to get the professional Guild International (GTI) certificate to become a therapist.

You will be self-employed and this means that you can choose the clients you wish to work with, the area you work in and your working hours. When you register with us, the therapist questionnaire you fill out will inform us of your preferences, and we will act accordingly.

Professional therapists can upload their qualifications to our website. Our admissions team will get back to all applicants within five working days to inform them of whether or not they qualify to work with us. 

Beginners are able to apply to get training with us and obtain their qualification this way. 

We have two teams working together, to ensure you have the maximum chances of getting work: 

  • The marketing department: this team makes your professional online profile and advertises it to maximize your exposure to clients, so they are able to find you and book you.


  • The training department: This is the team that trains, assesses, and registers you. This department is responsible for issuing you with an accredited certificate once you have completed your course and they will guide you about how to start up as a therapist.

Please note, we cannot guarantee the number of bookings you will receive. Your success will also have a large part to do with your effort and persistence. A lot of our therapists find that once they book one client, others tend to follow due to the power of word of mouth.

No, your tips are yours to keep.

At the beginning, like any new beginner or start-up, business may be a little on the slower side. However, with patience and persistence in the first few weeks, business will pick up. The market for therapists is large and there are many factors that come into play when clients consider booking you, such as your skills and how far you may be willing to travel.

No, we do not discriminate. The clients will book you and they are free to choose anyone they prefer.

Once you pass your practical assessment, you will be qualified and ready to treat clients. Your professional profile will become available for the public to view within five working days, where you will have a dedicated page and a professional booking system through the website. There is also the option to register with other agencies and be booked via them as well.

We have several therapists who do in-call and out-call treatments, or both. It depends on your circumstances or preferences.

It is your choice if you decide to carry a massage bed with you. If the client wants bed and you do not have one, it is possible to decline the booking and it can be sent to another therapist. 

As you wish! You inform us of which areas you would like to cover. The bigger the area you cover, the higher the chances you will have to get booked.

We do not have any joining fee for those who have trained with us and we are currently also offering a free joining fee for professional therapists too. 

As you will be self-employed, everything depends on you, but our hourly rate for 2019-2020 is £47/hour. This rate is subject to changes on an annual basis. 

When you sign up today, you will benefit from training and the chance to obtain a qualification from Guild Training International, a prestigious body in holistic and beauty education.

The practical part of your training will be carried out by Gateway International College.

And we will do your marketing. 

We train you to become a therapist and provide you with a free platform on which to kick start your business. Clients will be able to find you on this platform, so that you can start getting booked and making money!

Once you sign up and register, you can start your training at any time you want.

Once you complete your theoretical training, you will be able to book your one-day practical training at one of our venues. This can be done online and you will have the option to book training on one of our designated days. 

All important web links will be sent to you once you register.

Once a client books you online, we will send a notification to your mobile. You will be provided with the client’s details, available times, length of treatment, address, etc.  You have the option of deciding if you go to the clients, or if they come to your place.

The theoretical training takes around a day and the practical training takes a day. 

We also offer some courses/qualifications which are longer, but these are optional.

You will earn from £40 to £100 per hour.

The amount you earn varies because you may work for yourself, pay commission to others/other portals, receive tips, etc.

Your earnings depend on numerous factors such as:

Your hygiene

Your likeability

Your standard of customer service

Your equipment and set up (some therapists have a bed, oils, essences, candles, etc) and these factors will play a role in whether or not a client decides to book you again.

Your availability.

The area you work in/cover. 

Your professionalism and continued training. 

Your skills.

Your ability to network e.g. handing out business cards at events.

In the massage business, one happy client may mean repeat business, so you may only need 15 regular weekly clients to earn roughly £1000/week. 

6 to 7 bookings can generate £600-700/day. Earnings may be capped at £700/day, as massaging can get tiring, but if you find a wealthy family, your earnings could reach more than £1000/day. London is oozing with affluent people who are always willing to adopt a luxury massage service.

Please find below, a hypothetical calculation of your possible earnings:

If you have 1 skill…

1 skill + 2 bookings/day =14 bookings/week @ £48/hr = £672/week

If you have 10 skills…

Earnings could be between £1500 to £2000/week.

Additionally, you do not have to have a number of heavy tools. Often, something as small as a candle, music through a Bluetooth speaker, or an essence will be enough to relax your clients. 

Your client could be anyone from one of 700 internet platforms such as Groupon, via word of mouth, through handing your business cards out, your neighbours, friends, or family.

We post ads on all social media regularly and we have lists of both on and offline clients. You will be discoverable on search engines.

You are free to register yourself on any other website if you wish.

Our training meets the standards for many awarding bodies in the UK and some of our qualifications are internationally recognised. You will receive a certificate from a prestigious awarding body and be signed up to their platform simultaneously, at the same time as being placed on our own marketing platform. You will even be able to get a subsidised rate for your insurance if you are trained with us.

Now is this something you would like to do?

If yes let’s continue.


No more working hard to make others rich.

No more bullying.

No more begging for permission to get leave.


Be free to work whenever and wherever you want.

You will be able to decide on whether you wish to refuse or accept a booking. 

Be better off financially.

Training location will be announced at the time of booking